5 Strung Out Musical Extravaganza (Rotary Club of North Shields)

Friday 19th October at 7:30 pm, 2018

5 Strung OutA marvellous night featuring folk, shanties and contemporary music with proceeds going to Rotary Club Charities. 


A night with the band is an opportunity for you to come out and have a good old sing-song, joining in with the likes of the Wild Rover, Black Velvet Band, Tell me Ma, Take me Home Country Roads, and Leaving on a Jet Plane, to name but a few. You are encouraged to participate and if you wish, you can join the band on stage playing tambourine and maracas!!





5 Strung Out were formed in 1983 by Kevin Moir and his brother Colin, who played as a duo in Folk Clubs.  They met with their three co-conspirators, Bill, George and Ian whilst playing at a local gig.  Kevin and Colin had known George and Ian for many years but were unaware that their friends also played in a Folk group.  At the gig they “jammed” together at the end of the show and were delighted to find that they all shared a similar taste in music and a desire to perform and so a band was born.   The name “5 Strung Out” came about because when they appeared on stage, all five of them were “Strung out” along the stage!


The brothers and their friends shared a liking for Irish Folk music preferring to sing songs made famous by The Dubliners, The Fureys and the Clancy Brothers and to encourage audiences to join in and sing along with the band.   Also they found that they could incorporate other styles of music and added Scottish Traditional songs, “Geordie” songs, Skiffle, and Country and Western styles of music.  Later, they also added Sea Shanties and other unaccompanied songs (some humorous) to their repertoire.


The Band have been performing ever since when opportunity presented itself and have appeared at venues up and down the country.  5 Strung Out have produced two albums over the years (sadly now unavailable since wax drums went out of fashion!), and wrote a song to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the “Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade”, which was Britain’s’ 1st ever volunteer force.  They have raised monies for Cancer Research, Multiple Sclerosis and numerous local charities with their annual “Stuff the Turkey Tour” which takes place locally in the North East every Christmastime.


Tickets are £10.00 and available on www.ticketsource.co.uk/theexchange