Jack Shotton

On display throughout September.
VENUE: Cafe Bar

Jack Shotton was born in North Shields in 1930. After spending the majority of his childhood on Bahrain Island, he returned to North Shields in 1945 and served a five year apprenticeship at Parsons Marine.

He returned to the Arabian Gulf to work for the Kuwait Oil Company as an engineer on coastal tankers carrying fresh water from the Shat El Arab River to Kuwait, then spent the next five years on deep sea tugs, tramp ships and colliers.
He came back ashore to work as a design draughtsman. In 1968 he designed and patented a range of air-operated fume extractors and set up his own business manufacturing these units.

Jack’s first book ‘Pubs of North Shields’ was a way of combining two of his interests: painting and local history. His other books include ‘First, Famous & Forgotten Ships of the Tyne’ and the two which are the subject of this exhibition: ‘North Shields, The Old Low Road’ (a trip in words and original paintings along the Fish Quay) and North Shields, Stepping Back in Time’ (original paintings, photographs and stories of life on the stairs which ran down from North Shields to the Low Road.