Rainbird – The Tragedy of a Painter

23rd - 28th April
Venue: Auditorium

As part of Cloud Nine Theatre’s 20th Birthday celebrations, The Exchange will host a major new production from the Cullercoats based company for a full week in April.

Rainbird – The Tragedy of a Painter.

Written by the company’s artistic director, Peter Mortimer is based round the life of the North Shields painter, Victor Noble Rainbird, the only northern artist to be accepted by the Royal Academy in London in 1911.

Rainbird’s talents were quickly recognised and he won many awards, though his career was cruelly damaged by his first world war experiences . Rainbird carried on painting till his early death in 1936, but poverty and alcoholism took hold and for 80 years he was buried in a pauper’s grave in Preston Cemetery.

Only recently has his true worth been reassessed with two exhibitions of his paintings at The Old Low Light.

The production also hopes to involve local schools in arts projects and an art auction is to be held at The Exchange on Sunday with all proceeds going towards the play. Local artists able to support are asked to get in touch.

Cloud Nine and The Exchange now work closely together and the venue is delighted to mark this important milestone. The company has regularly produced brand new work from northern writers in every year of those 20 years and under this new partnership is looking for more exciting years ahead.


£8 Concessions, £10 All other tickets