Showcase Saturday – The Milk Lizards

Saturday 26th January at 8:30 pm, 2019
The Milk LizardsJoin The Milk Lizards as they perform in our bar.

The Milk Lizards are Sunderland’s premier instrumental surf rock trio. Embracing the traditional elements of surf music; clean guitar drenched in reverb on top of a driving rhythm section, The Milk Lizards bring a splash of punk ethos to their no frills take on this often forgotten, niche genre.

No singing means The Milk Lizards are the perfect party band. Playing danceable, feel good tunes that make you think of the beach on a sunny day. If you’ve got a plug socket, The Lizards can rock it. House party, BBQ, wedding, beach party, anywhere! If you’re looking for something slightly off the wall to keep your guests entertained, The Milk Lizards could just be what you’re looking for.

Free entry