Showcase Friday – A Day in Helsinki

Friday 22nd of March at 8:30 pm, 2019

a day in helsinkiJoin A Day in Helsinki in the bar.

Born and raised in the cold north eastern wastelands of Northumberland on a diet of coal and Brown Ale, A Day in Helsinki make music from their souls based on their experiences of social depression, alcohol abuse, not owning coats and falling out of love. Their songs about hurt and love pull at your heartstrings making you want to embrace those you love whilst ramming your head through a car windscreen at the same time.

James’ lyrics and melodies are complimented by the rhythm section in Ian on bass and Anthony on drums whilst Thomas ‘pedals’ Moon puts the icing on the top with lead guitar. Our music will be quiet at times and loud and raucous at others, but it will never be noise and it will always be passionate. At times it will be bitter, at others joyful, but it will never be dumb and it will always be sincere. It will be unique and we will never shy away from exposing our souls.

Free event