Showcase Saturday – Byker Bridge Royals

Saturday March 2nd at 8:30 pm, 2019

Byker Bridge Royals “The Byker Bridge Royale’s” debut gig at The Exchange in association with Rickshaw Promotions in the bar

You may have never heard of them (and they are so new they don’t even have a Facebook page) but you will certainly know some of the stellar local musicians playing tunes from the Soul Songbook. The band consists of Neil Hunter, vocals, Lloyd Howell, drums, Bob Garrington, guitar. (East Side Torpedoes, Smoking Spitfires) Gordon Hall, keys (The Groovematicts, Fickle Lilly, Tigers of PT) Steve Martin, Uptight Bass (Mcallum, Fickle Lilly, Swampies) The band was formed with the need to play Soul Music in a small band context.

Delighted they have agreed to showcase their talents at The Exchange.

This is a free gig with a pay as you please bucket circulating amongst an enthusiastic audience.

Say you were there at the beginning…

Free Entry