The Snow Bear

Monday 24th of December at 2:00 pm
Venue: Auditorium

Storytelling and Music – created and performed by
Chris Bostock the storyteller and multi instrumentalist Ken Patterson with musicians Janet Longbottom and Willy Houwen.

Come and sit by the fire for a wintry tale with live music and magic, puppets and projections and a beautiful miniature theatre packed full of delights.

The Snow Bear is inspired by Norwegian folk tales and tells the story of a polar bear who is a carried away from his Arctic home. We join him on his adventures as he encounters mischievous elves, goblins and trolls. But will the friendly Tomten’s magic help him find his way back to his home?

The Snow Bear is a special show in which all the characters are brought to life with mesmerising storytelling, puppets and shadows.
It features lots of original songs to sing and wonderful music played on cello, tuba, accordion, ukulele and steel tongue drum.

When you join us in our snowy landscape please bring your own teddy as there is lots of audience involvement too!
Suitable for family audiences – especially children aged 4 – 7 years.

Don’t forget to bring your own bear or favourite cuddly toy  to the show as well!

Chris Bostock and Ken Patterson are the team who have brought you The Singing Wind, Starlight and Tales for the Turning Year.
Designs by Alison Ashton, Puppets by Alison McGowan

Quotes on the Snow Bear :

“This was a wonderful experience for the children. All the children were engaged – listening, singing and responding to the characters. The Snow Bear supported our curriculum work in Expressive Arts, knowledge and understanding of the world. A wonderful day, we look forward to your next production.”

Early Years Team, West Jesmond School, Newcastle upon Tyne

“ I loved the range of media used. Very imaginative. A really lovely show.’

Parent, South Shields Museum

“ It was great.” Ruby Rose Aged 5 “ I saw it too and it made me cry, it was so good.”

Auntie Lottie

“ I was so engaged and entertained and it was a joy to see all the children so in awe at the power of storytelling. It was enchanting, Thank you !”
Upfront Puppet Theatre, Cumbria

“ We loved the show very much, especially how interactive it is, encouraging the kids to join in with actions and movements. Also the use of real instruments and the magical way that things revealed using the tapestry, shadow puppets etc. Brilliant!” Abby Schoneboom at St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Gateshead


Tickets: £7 adults, children £4 from the box office or Ticketsource