Amazing 360° Gong Sound Bath

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Amazing 360° Gong Sound Bath Experience  – Monthly Chill out for the Soul

Your Monthly M.O.T. Method of Transformation

Come and experience the amazing vibrations of a full Gong Sound Bath. Take a journey with the ancient Gong, voice and a host of other musical instruments. Enjoy a deeply moving and relaxing experience through sound for your mind, body and spirit to bring pure bliss.

Geordie Gong artist Gill Gosling of Dragonfly Gong Yoga is offering this life harmonising experience monthly in the wonderful auditorium space at The Exchange, at Howard Street, North Shields, Tyne and Wear. This is Gill’s third year at this superb community arts and theatre venue.

Sound baths help promote a more positive outlook on life while bringing participants balance and harmony. Those taking part in sound baths report many benefits including that it: * helps relieve depression, anxiety and stress, * they gain better sleep, * they have an overall sense of wellbeing, * they have energy boosts and a life re-charge, * they are deeply moved and often encounter wonderful ‘spiritual’ experiences.

Allow the sounds of Gill’s 12 Gongs, voice, singing bowls, drums, flutes, conch shells, chimes, shruti, harmonium and rattles to wash over you as you bathe in the wonderful harmonics of these awesome ancient instruments.

Music for the soul.

This is a whole body adventure, a musical journey for the soul. You will listen not just with the ears but with every cell in your body for a life recharge. You lay down nestled in cosy blankets on the floor, or seated in a chair, to feel the vibrations on offer.

There will be warm ups based on yoga using gentle breathing practices, sound, movement, yoga dance, sometimes sufi twirling before experiencing the full 45-minute sound immersion.

Sound has been used by shamanic traditions and cultures throughout history to help bring wholeness back to a body and today the rapid emergence once more of Gong Sound Baths is showing us all new ways of just being human.

Gill has trained with Gong maestro Don Conreaux for more than 12 years and loves to share her passion for sound with all. She has studied in depth the power of sound in life. She has trained with the College of Sound Healing UK as a tutor, and as a sound healing practitioner and gong practitioner. She has trained with Fabian Maman (known as the God Father of Sound Healing) through his Tama-Do Academy. She has also followed the work of Jonathan Goldman from the USA.

Gill continues to study and research and is spurred on to learn more and more about how sound actually creates our holographic lives. A writer and a former journalist. She is a Yogi – a yoga teacher, a meditation and a mindfulness teacher. Gill has developed her own style of Dragonfly Gong Yoga merging her many yoga teachings and studies which include the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma, Kundalini, Sivananda, Dru, Ashtanga, and the amazing Yogabeats way with yogi elder David Sye. She has followed a personal Transcendental Meditation practice for 34 years and took up yoga at nine-years-old. Her passion is to help people tune in to their lives through regular workshops in sound to help “free their voice” and create full healthy lives.

“The Gong is a powerful tool for transformation on all levels,” Gill says.

“Not everyone is a musician but everyone IS a musician of their own life,” Gill says.

“I absolutely adore my work and how it has shown me a wonderful pathway to live my life. By using musical instruments like the ancient Gong and Himalayan singing bowls we can dig deep into total relaxation to be with the joy of our life’s true destiny. It opens up creativity and intuitiveness. Each and every one of us is different with a uniqueness of our own.

“I believe understanding the balance of sound and silence can help many overcome the mega challenges we are facing in today’s fast paced, stress forming world. This work effects us all at a cellular level. I know this has helped me find true happiness to handle whatever path I choose to follow and I want to share this love-unfolding technique with others. By bathing in sounds we tune ourselves to life itself,” she added.

This is an amazing journey for just £15 – Contact Gill direct for more information if you need it. She wants this to be open to all who will benefit greatly from this experience. Tel. 0191 253 0329 mobile 07706 223209

Blankets, yoga mats and cushions available. Please bring your own if you have them. Water and other refreshments available. Plus an after gathering in the Exchange’s cafe bar to help develop freindship and community with like-minded people.

Sunday 11th August
Sunday 12th September

Event Information

September 12, 2019 7:00 pm
September 21, 2019 9:00 pm
The Exchange
The Exchange, Howard Street, North Shields, NE301SE