Kali Scott Art Exhibition Preview

The event is in time

Preview Evening starts at 7:30pm with Live music

This exhibition opens on 4th of July and runs until 31st July.

These works are a selection from a larger body of work titled, ‘Stranger In Parts.’ Which is the product of ongoing explorations into my relationship with my own body, life, and mind and how they relate to others and the multitude of experiences and perspectives we share.

I deal with past experiences and trauma by bringing them into the now to understand how they inform how I view myself and my future. Drawing from the marrow of half-remembered dreams and displaced memories, built from the fragments of a broken post-modern cultural icongraphy, I feel strongly my art is an expression of what it currently feels like behind these eyes, looking out.

I consider all sources of inspiration, and mediums of expression as valid, being chosen largely by the specifics of the source material. I work in a variety of mediums such as painting, collage, graphic design, sculpture, prose and film.

I welcome discussion and feedback on my work.

Free Entry

Event Detail

July 4, 2019 7:00 pm
July 31, 2019 10:00 pm
The Exchange
The Exchange, Howard Street, North Shields, NE301SE